Relationship Between Friendship And Friendship

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Countless individuals have found that their romantic relations have been more successful when they have developed a friendship with their companion. Laura VanderDrift from Purdue University, says, “Romantic relationships are, at their core, friendships” (Hodgekiss). Friendship is about supporting someone through thick and thin and attending events that are important to them. Friends are there to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on in times of need. In addition to support, building a friendship with the partner could be the glue that holds the couple together. Lack of trust and communication could serve as the cause of a fallen out relationship. In a friendship both of the key traits are established making the success rate higher …show more content…

In addition to commitment, a couple with a strong friendship, increases the longevity of the relationship. Despite being opposites at times, friends still may complement one another. It has been said that opposites attract. For example, one may be vocal and gregarious and the other may be quiet and reserved. While these examples are polar opposites, they balance each other out. The balancing act of friends helps to not only fill the gaps, in attempt to prevents fights and conflict but also opens realms interest to the other. Because a marriage is a lifelong commitment, it is a hard one to make on just love alone. Someone once said, “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages” (Nietzche). Meaning that the cause of unhappy relationships can be traced back to the fact that their marriage did not have a strong friendship as the foundation. A tip to a long lasting relationship, is having that relationship with your best friend.
Lastly, friendship with a partner, often means that a similar set of values is shared. Possessing the same values as a companion is a vital component of a successful romantic relationship. Friends typically have the same beliefs, believing in the same things as a lover is important because it reduces a chance for conflict. For example, having differing views on a controversial topic, such as abortion, could

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