Relationship Between Intelligence And Success

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Ismael Camara
Mrs. Behrend
AP Seminar
November 23, 2015
The Relationship Between Intelligence and Success Many wonder what goes on in the minds of billionaires such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. There are a large amount successful people in the world, from the wealthybillionaires, to scientists, to movie stars. We may ask ourselves what allows them to achieve such success, and as we break down their paths to riches, we realize that there may be one key to achieving such success: intelligence. Most of these people who have achieved their goals have used their intelligence of their field to make it further than those who do notn 't use their intelligence (Skakoon). Intelligence has a very noticeable relation to success and achievement. Intelligence helps to determines academic success, workplace success, and social success, but is not fully responsible for all successes. To determine how intelligence affects success, we must ask ourselves what success really is. Success is usually seen by most as either academic success or, of success in a profession. This is because these forms of success can be measured, in the form of money and grades. However, success can be a multitude of things, such as academic, workplace, social, and emotional success. Success varies from person to person. It may be that one person values the success of their academic career more than the success of their social status. Others may find that their work gives them a sense of achievement.…
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