Relationship Between Jane And Reed

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What is the relationship between Jane and Mrs Reed ( how are they related) ?
Answer : Mrs Reed is Jane’s father’s sister which means she’s Jane’s aunt.

2. What are the names of Jane’s three cousins ?
Answer : Their names are Eliza, John and Georgina.

3. What is the first book Jane read in the story ? Answer : It is Bewick’s History of British Birds. 4. What did Jane compare John to ?
Answer : She compared him to the merciless Roman emperors.

5. Where did the servants lock Jane Eyre after she attacked John ? Answer : They locked her in the red-room.

6. Why was Jane scared to go in that room ?
Answer : She was scared because Mr Reed died in that room and nobody went there after his death. 7. How many …show more content…

Who was Naomi Brocklehurst ?
Answer : She was the lady who built the new part of the institution and her son was treasurer and manager of the establishment when Jane was there.

18. What is the name of the tall lady who wears a watch and promised them lunch ?
Her name is Miss Temple.

19. What are three of the courses taught at Lowood Institution ?
Answer : The girls are been taught French, history and grammar.

20. What happened in class to Miss Helen Burns ? Answer : She kept getting picked on by the teacher for every single thing she did. She also got hit in the neck about a dozen of times with a bunch of twigs by a teacher.

21. What is the main difference between Miss Scatcherd and Miss Temple ? Answer : Miss Temple is the definition of good itself ; she is kind, will never hurt anything or anyone and is really helpful to anyone in need. On the contrary, Miss Scatcherd is mean and grumpy, severe and won’t hesitate to hurt the children if she wants.

22. True or False : Miss Temple is the brightest teacher at school ? Answer : True.

23. What are Jane’s thoughts on how to act towards people who are mean ? Answer : She believed that it is normal to have the same sentiment as people who disliked her and to not submit into their

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