Relationship Between Laborers And Capitalists And Wollstonecraft 's Understanding Of Relationships Between Women And Men

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Brenden Carone POLS 1002 People Soft: 2075538 Professor Lee Prompt: Compare Marx’s understanding of the relationship between laborers and capitalists and Wollstonecraft’s understanding of the relationship between women and men. Come up with your own terms of comparison. Wollstonecraft and Marx’s Sociological View Through Oppression Both Wollstonecraft and Marx have a very distinct view on their topics. Both of their passionate topics relate to the oppression of one figure over the other. There is oppression which both believe a revolution should occur in order to achieve a social change. Marx has his own theories on laborers and capitalists. Laborers are the workers who continuously work to live and make a wage. Capitalists are much …show more content…

The more the worker spends himself, the more powerful the alien objective world becomes which he creates over-against himself, the poorer he himself-his inner world- becomes, the less belongs to him as his own. Being a laborer during this time is demeaning and corrupt. The worker is not content but unhappy and is forced to work.” Their oppression gives a clear view on their exploitation. Women have experienced a similar degrading to that of the laborers and capitalists. Metaphorically, the women are the laborers and the men are the capitalists. They look down upon women. Wollstonecraft (2004, 12) states “it is observable that the female in point of strength is, in general, inferior to the male” but “men endeavor to sink us still lower, merely to render us alluring objects for a moment.” Wollstonecraft understands the physical difference between men and women. Wollstonecraft (2004, 16) rebuttals when she says, “some women govern their husbands without degrading themselves, because intellect will always govern”. A person who is intellectually gifted should not be looked down upon. A physical appearance does not mean inferiority. A person is a body that is being inhabited by a soul and a soul is believed to be genderless. But women did not have a say in government or could not pursue professional careers. Just like the laborers with the capitalists, women are being

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