Relationship Between Man and Nature

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Human's Place in Universe Relationship between Man and Nature Human Life and its connection to the universe, is a rather complex idea to understand. This universe is full of mystery and how we human fit into it, what is our role and what are things that are being exchanged between human lives and the universe, provide a substantial topic of research. For centuries, thinkers, philosophers and scientists have been trying to figure out this relation but so far, all we have is various theories in hand which still do not provide substantial evidence for having any logical perception. We humans, can follow our own beliefs to understand this connection between universe and us. And, what most of the mass believe is everything in the universe is connected and we, humans are fundamental part of it. In our hearts, most of us believe that this universe is nothing but void, full of emptiness, containing randomly moving solitary bodies. And, in this horizon, we human are insignificant creatures with no important role to play. However, astrology, cosmology and other fields of sciences have proved that this universe is a rich space, full of colors. And, we humans are extraordinary contributors to it. In today's scientific world, where everything is weighed down on the basis of logic and technology, finding an answer of what universe really is, can be rather difficult. However, prescientific age provided concrete proof to its inhabitants and in native cultures, we human had the central
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