Relationship Between Native Americans And Puritans

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Native American and Puritan History The Native Americans’ goal was to live in peace and to live in nature. While the Native Americans tried to also make political alliances with the all the colonists, the Europeans were more interested in taking as much land as fast as they humanly could. The puritans and the Native Americans had a very complicated relationship with each other because it was a fight for the land. Puritans and the Native Americans had a culture-conflicted relationship with each other because of their different religious beliefs, ethics, and their views on the world, which also made the relationship between the two even more complicated than it was before. Religion played a very important role in both Native American and Puritan society, though their idea’s differed greatly. The puritans were very religious people, and it mattered more of what God thought of them more than anything and what everyone else thought didn’t matter as much. While the Puritans were the very religious ones, the Native Americans cared more about viewing people for who they were as people than their religious beliefs. Although the Native Americans had their own religious beliefs, the Puritans also thought that the Native Americans needed to “prove themselves worthy”, of their religious beliefs. The Puritans did not believe that the Native Americans had any kind of regulation on their own lives. It was very

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