Relationship Between Organizational Effectiveness And Employee Motivation

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Abstract: The purpose of this paper was to recognize the influences that effect employee motivation by observing the relationship between organizational effectiveness and employee motivation. This study was performed in order to measure the employees’ current satisfaction of motivational influences and incentives in the company, as well as to use that information to conclude which factors and incentives could be altered, applied, or abolished. Employee motivation seeks to look at how best employees can be motivated in order to achieve high performance and to be more productive in the future within a company or organization’s culture. The study was accompanied by issuing a questionnaire to all employees working at Victoria Secrets in the Midwest region. The employees that participated were both full-time and part-time, from all different departments (manager, sales associate, cashier, and stocker) and have been working at the company for varied periods of time. The questionnaire created was split into four different parts and the data derived from the questionnaire was analyzed and was presented in this report in four criteria’s: communication in the workplace, the income of employees, long-term incentives, and non-financial incentives.
Introduction: Employee motivation can often be an intangible journey for companies and managers due to the assortment of incentives that can influence employees to do their best work. Short-term monetary incentives are often seen as required…
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