Relationship Between Student And Teacher In Samuel Scudder's 'Look At Your Fish'

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The essay "Look at Your Fish" by Samuel Scudder, portrayed how the relationship between student and teacher can significantly be something great and help a student in their field of learning. The personality of his teacher helped him to keep learning and be successful in his field, thus allowed me to connect my experiences with past teachers and how similar the messages we gained through our teachers are alike and made us progressive. Scudder’s professor presented him with a difficult assignment which required him to only examine a fish using only his eyes. He came back to his professor many times, believing he found new discoveries when really his professor crushed his hopes and repeatedly told him to look upon it again. After some time pondering over the fish, the “influence has extended to the details of every subsequent study” (Scudder 497). The lesson and teacher affected Scudder’s study so much that the lesson he learned leaked into everything else he studied in his field. The lesson of always looking for more details than you think exist and reading more of what's in between the lines of music, or a fish. I relatively saw this happening for me with my first music teacher, when I was starting music, he kept me on one specific practice book, as much as I didn’t like it and could play through it. Each time I perform any difficult etude of the book he pointed out details I never played correctly or understood. This led me to learn music passionately and bring out as

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