Native American Relations Dbq

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Over the course of the 17th century, the relationship between the English colonies and the Native Americans changed drastically. At first, there was a peaceful relationship and the two groups even helped each other out; but, as time passed, the relationship began to deteriorate and the two groups became hostile towards each other. One of the first relationships between the English colonists and the Native Americans was a peaceful one; the two groups tried to help each other with the resources they had. In Document 6, A Relation of the Indian War, it refers to some grievances that the Natives had. It says, ”[King Philip] constrained other Indians from ronging the English, and gave them Corn and shewed them how to plant.” This example of peace goes all the way back to the early English colonization of Plymouth. The Natives offered a helping hand to the newly arrived English, who had very little. Since the Natives referenced an early sign of peace, Document 6 supports a peaceful relationship between the Natives and English colonists. Also, in Document 1, Proceedings of the Virginia House of Burgesses, it refers to how the English colonists are educating and converting some Native American children. It states, “A certain number of the natives' children to be educated by them in true religion and a civil course of life.” This shows that the English colonists were being nice to the Natives. The Natives’ children were being educated and the English were spreading their

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