Relationship Between The Old World And The New World

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Period one was the start to everything in the world like trade systems, hunting, population growth, technological improvements, slaves, overseas expansions, contacts with new people that led to interactions with the environment and each other, and many more. From period 1491 to 1607 was a very important period to know because there’s a lot of things that happened in that period that will link to Old World and the New World, which has impacted us today. There were some negative effects that happened during period one like diseases, slavery, death, and many more. But the were also some positive effect which were population growth, economic wealth, food plantations, freedom, and etc. The ones who got more of the positive were the Europeans because Columbus’ voyages paved the way for Europeans exploration and colonization. But the first Europeans to come to America were the Norse (Vikings from Norway). The Europeans got to the New World with not having a lot of problems to deal with because they were extremely wealthy. While the Native Americans had to work their way up to the New World by becoming slaves and indentured servants.

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