Relationship Maintenance In Long Distance Relationships

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The Statistic Brain Research Institute states “14 million people [Americans] considered themselves to be in a long-distance relationship” and cannot see partners cannot see each other face-to-face daily like geographically close relationships (Long Distance Relationship Statistics). These high numbers make relationship maintenance for long distance relationships all the more viable for discussion. Due to the distance, long distance relationships present unique obstacles such as lack of physical contact, increased financial burdens to maintain relationships, and high expectations of partners for the quality of limited face-to-face meetings in the relationship. Therefore, a different type of relationship maintenance will be presented in order to assist long distance couples from becoming part of the failed 70%. A relationship maintenance model will be compared to scenarios and suggestions will be made in order create a stronger relationship through communication for both parties involved in long distance relationships.
SMS and SNS are powerful devices that strengthen interpersonal communication between couples because they allow validation which is difficult to achieve in long distance relationships. In close distant relationships couples, SMS and SNS are supports to offline relationship maintenance processes; however due to the lack of opportunity to engage in relationship processes in LDR, SMS and SNS becomes a channel to express relationship maintenance. Relationship

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