I Had A Nice Time With You Talk

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Now the world of development is faster and faster, a lot of mobile applications are make the people distance more and more closer. In the “I Had a Nice Time With You Tonight” article. JENNA WORTHAMT She has 3,000 miles away from her boyfriend, and they often use smartphone applications to get closer and chat with each other. She pointed out that the convenience of these applications can make people become more closer, and this is not like the phone or text formal. In the new app “you and me”, the entrepreneur is committed to allowing more couples to use the software for one-on-one meetings. Although this software is not a real alternative, but does not affect the actual time together in the real world. In Ms. Friedman's blog, she noted that 74% of couples believe that the Internet had a positive impact on their relationship. In my view, although the virtual world spent most of the time, but it also brings a lot of positive impacts.…show more content…
Second, through some research shows that face to face communication can be closer to the hearts of people, and also can better able to convince other people's ideas. But there are many inconveniences in real-life communication. But there are many inconveniences in real-life communication. Through some research shows that more people have face to face communication problem, they have a little fear of face to face communication. Because close communication will test people's communication skills, they need to express their ideas in a short time in a timely manner. If not expressed in a short time, is likely to cause discomfort to each other, such as suspicion and hesitation. Just like the vast majority of gamblers on TV often need to have a poke face, they are not let others see their own
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