Compare And Contrast Thoreau And Emerson

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Thoreau and Emerson views has believe regarding simplicity, the consequence and prospective of our personality and imagination. It seems that both the Author has somewhat same views regarding the relationship between man and nature as Emerson says that actually nature is for man’s use whereas Thoreau tests Emerson’s about nature by living at Walden pond, where Thoreau discovers that simplicity in physical aspects brings importance to our brain and soul to its fullest possibility and so what imagination is to be build to change in life styles. Men are actually lacking in maintaining their potential of our characters as they only got to depend on one another and adapting others life style, they tend to be cruel and egoistic when they comes to their endless desire and wants whereby the human being are not realizing the consequences of these. Man always tend to show off and adapt others life style which at the end results in scares of resources and their consequences. Emerson and Thoreau’s judgment are more on simplicity, the significance and potential of our character and imagination in terms of relationship between the man and nature. These two Author has similar union contradictory on man and nature as both the Author believes that nature is pure and novelty so one should not depend on others and their views, it should be originality. Thoreau argues that he want to know nature by experiencing which he could be able to give a true fact in his soon digression.

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