Star Wars Influence On Pop Culture

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The fact that Star Wars has had a major cultural impact is obvious, but how exactly has it done this? Star Wars movies has influenced pop culture more than anything else. It’s been more than 40 years since Star Wars first exploded into theaters, but the popular science fiction films from writer and director, George Lucas have left a legacy no other movie has surpassed. George Lucas’s Star Wars films might have been based on a galaxy far, far away, but real life characters and events from our history, some of it long ago and some much more recent, have been a powerful force that has forced its way into pop culture. In George Lucas’s first script of Star Wars, the Jedi Knights are called Jedi Templar’s. Most people know that the Jedi are the good guys who use the force to defend the republic and battle against the Sith. According to George Lucas, the Jedi are reminiscent of the Knight Templar’s. For those individuals who don’t remember, the Knight Templar’s were created in the twelfth century to defend Jerusalem and pilgrims who journeyed there (Dylan). The similarity between the Jedi and the Knight Templar’s can be easily recognizable to people who know history very well. The Jedi clothing resembles the hooded white robes worn by the Knight Templar’s. Other Similarities can be made between the Jedi Knights and the Knight Templar’s. For example, on October 13, 1307, Frances King Philip IV betrayed the Knight Templar’s and had them tortured then executed for heresy (Reagin

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