Meaning And Symbols Of The Eucharist

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Religion remains the only unifying factor among different people globally regardless of the social status, gender, age, political affiliation and skin color. The world has many religions that people believe in although all religions believe in one Supreme Being who created the universe. However, the means through which the people believe in the Supreme Being comes in different ways depending on the religion and its beliefs. In the different religions, many practices resemble but have different names attached to them based on the people, their location, and their religious teachings they follow. Such practices include the Lord’s Supper as referred by most Protestant churches while the Catholics refer the same as the Eucharist. Happenings during that time become important to every person who believes in the Supreme Being through His Son Jesus Christ. The events surround the time when Jesus sat with his disciples and had the last meal with them in His human body hence signifying an important event in the life if every believer. The Eucharist, therefore, becomes important in defining the life of a Catholic and the manner in which they need to emulate the life of Christ. Eucharist hence remains as a vital element to every Catholic who believes and prays through the Holy Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus who intercedes for them to the Supreme Being and the Creator of the Universe.

Meaning and symbols of the Eucharist
According to Sri (11), the Eucharist stands for another name for

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