Religion And Its Impact On Society

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By definition, morals are a person’s standards of behavior concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. By this definition alone, morals have to be relative. Morals are based on what people believe, and it is impossible to think that every person in the world believes the same thing. A person’s morals can be based off of their geographical location, religion, political party, upbringing, or even the time period in which they lived. Each of these factors can greatly impact what people think is right and wrong. Religion has a huge impact on what people’s morals are. For example, many Hindus find that it is immoral to eat meat, while many Christians do not find a problem with it. This does not mean that one group of people is moral and the other isn’t. Many Orthodox Jewish women and Muslims cover their bodies when they are in public. This is considered moral and respectful in their cultures. Women of other faiths usually do not cover their bodies as much. The reason for this is that morals are relative to what a person is taught in accordance to their religious beliefs. In America, conservatives and liberals have very different views of what is right and what is wrong. Conservatives, for example, are usually against things like abortion, premarital sex, and birth control. On the other hand, liberals usually don’t have a problem with these things. Conservatives tend to believe that we should keep the same morals that people had when America was first

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