Religion During The Colonial Period

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Religion during the Colonial Period was a new outbreak to many of the people traveling to the United States. Some people were traveling to the United States for a better life and some were traveling in search of fortune. Religion became a pivotal part of the survival of Mary Rowlandson and Cabeza De Vaca. Their religious views helped them in numerous ways, such as, to heal others, to escape from pain, and to survive the tortures they endured. The use of religion between Mary Rowlandson and Cabeza De Vaca was diverse in several ways during the Colonial Period, yet similar in the ways we use it today. During the Colonial Period many people were traveling in search for a fresh new life. These emigrants were called “puritans.” Puritans were …show more content…

Mary Rowlandson tried her best to keep her faith and believe in the power of God to help her survive. Conversely, in the book, Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition, Cabeza De Vaca used religion in a more unique way to survive. Not only did he use it to help stay alive, but also to increase his popularity with the Indians to win over their favor and support. Cabeza De Vaca became known as a “healer” to many of the Indians. At one point, Cabeza De Vaca stated that:
And during that time I fared very badly, both from great hunger and from the ill treatment I received from the Indians, which was so bad that I had to flee three times from the masters I had, and they each went looking for me, endeavoring to kill me. And God our Lord, with His mercy, wished to protect me and save me from them. (Vaca, 46)
Cabeza De Vaca, winning favor, used his religious views in order to get some of the Indians to treat him kindly. He used his cross and a prayer to heal Indians of wounds and illnesses. Cabeza said, “So we left those people and went to others, whom we were very well received, and they brought us their sick, who on having the sign of the cross made over them said they were healed” (Vaca, 62). Cabeza thought outside-the-box when using his religious views to ensure his survival. Prayer was a big deal in the hard

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