Religion Influence Religion

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All over the world, religion is influencing societies in both good and bad ways. After all, for most people, religion is how many find a purpose in life, and is a guide that helps them make decisions throughout life. People want explanations for the unexplainable and want answers to the most unanswerable questions, so many people resort to religion as a way to explain why life is the way it is. Having faith and believing in a religion can bring civilizations together and help find common ground in a world where people have differences. People have religion to shape the way people treat life on earth, and the way people interact with their community and have a sense of spirit as an individual. Throughout history, religion has influenced…show more content…
While in Judaism there is a ceremony that is the acceptance of the religion called Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Although the whole process is different from the Christian confirmation both are processes where teenagers are becoming a part of the religion. In Bar/Bat Mitzvah a boy, who is 13, or a girl, who is 12, become responsible for their own actions and make their own religious path. These are just a few of the similarities of these two very similar religions, but the religions also have differences. Judaism, doesn’t believe in the New Testament of the Bible, while Christians believe in the New Testament, which consists of Jesus’s teachings, and have it as the part of their holy text. Another example of a difference is the way the process of acceptance into the religion. Bar/Bat Mitzvah had different ages for different genders and was a lot more specific about what the acceptance meant. While Confirmation is teenagers who wants to become a Christian and become part of the religion. From these examples one can tell that the religions are very similar and different in many different ways. Not only is Judaism similar and different to Christianity but also another religion founded in the Arabian Peninsula. Islam, another monotheistic religion, also has some comparable characteristics with Judaism. Islam and Judaism have some eating requirements that are used to prove faith towards religion and show that spiritual health is more important than physical health. Fasting, a
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