Religion : The Effect Of Religion In Society

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Religion changes throughout time as people change their minds about what they read on scripts. It was once defined by anthropologist E.B. Taylor in 1871 as the “belief in spiritual beings.” But, essentially over the years many religions have came into this world and left just as fast as they were created. Therefore, I believe that religion is more of a behavior that is acted upon by certain groups and communities. It is more of a ritual that people take part of, rather than a belief in a spiritual being. In other words, religion was created by man to fulfill a purpose, not only to unify people through a symbol or a holist being but also to install fear in the hearts of those who blindly believe and follow. Religion is a powerful tool that over the years has kept nations apart, but also has kept nations together. In many places religion makes up critical cultural norms as well as values, it is what defines what is viewed by people as the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do, what is to be feared and its consequences and what is to be bowed down to and have faith on. Cultural construction is in a way defined by religion, this culture is passed on through generations and generations of believers that over the years change or make “modifications” to the religion according to what feels right. Religion is socially constructed, it is what keeps and brings certain people and communities together. But, religion can also be defined as hope. Hope that is brought upon

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