Religion : Religion And Religion

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In my thesis essay, I will be discussing the overall religion of what is typically traditional to be called religion. Religion which is commonly known as the belief in the supernatural naturally produces a influence of the making of society throughout what is known as history. Commonly as we know it from day to day many people of different cultures, races are largely structured by religion. Religion affects more than culture it effects law and politics as well as education and behavioral norms.
Religion started during the secular nation of what we known as modern western culture this is how religion was separated between political, many legal and education systems however in reality many people do not have any type or very little input on organized religion. What is essential (in the practices and beliefs) for a tradition to be called a religion? For this question to be answered I had to ask myself what are my beliefs? And how can I incorporate them in my daily life? I thought well Religion is categorized into organized religion and unorganized religion. How both differ is that an organized religion is governed by someone of official status, while as regulation is not seen in an unorganized religion. Many people of an organized religion were started during Roman Catholicism which thought of religion as a system of single beliefs, based on different practices while unorganized practices religion based on West Africa.
Organized religions however, are more fracture in time for

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