Religion : Should It Be Part Of The Court System?

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Leo Grotte
Professor Wrobel
ENGL 1121-31
28 October 2015
Religion: Should It Be Part of the Court System? Christians make up over seventy percent of the United States population today, yet there are many arguments over whether or not Christian practices should be used in public places. One of these public places includes the courtroom. In court, a person is required to either make an oath, or to make an affirmation. An oath will acknowledge that God will judge that person on whether or not they are lying, whereas an affirmation is just a promise in a sense. Many people believe that the oath should be removed completely from the court system. The oath, in fact, should not be removed from the system because United States’ oaths, laws, and …show more content…

Either way one looks at it, there is evidence of Christian culture in democracy. Even if the issue of the founding of the United States is controversial, there is plenty of evidence that the country does have strong ties to the Christian beliefs. Of the liberties that people have in the United States, religious freedom is a very crucial one. Every person has the right to practice and share his or her religion in thoughts and conscience as well as verbally with others in both private and public settings (What is Religious Freedom?). This means that anyone can practice any religion anywhere with any person. The United States Constitution also states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...” (US Const. amend. I, sec. 1). This amendment in the Constitution establishes that if pone is a citizen of this country, he or she has the right to practice any religion that he or she would like to participate in. Therefore, a person should be able to make an oath to God in court because according to this document, that person has the right to practice their religion. As an American citizen, one has the freedom to practice his or her religion. Along with the right to practice religion comes the right to not belong to any religious community. Because of this freedom,

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