Religion: What Does It Means To The Kingdom Of God

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Matthew 11:11-12

This is the one of the hardest verses to understand in the bible. What does it mean by the "Kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing and the forceful men lay hold of it." In the KJV, it says that Kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.
Some scholas says that it means the Kingdom can be fulfilled and achieved by the way of violence. They use the power and way of violence. In the time of Jesus, there were groups of people who believed that through violence, the kingdom of heaven can be fulfilled on this earth, and we call them, "the zealots". Zealots were a political movement that rebelled against the Roman Empire and tried to find their Holy land by force.
But in the bible, Jesus never
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What is the dynamic and active desire and zeal for the kingdom of God? We can see it from the story of Jacob and Esau. Esau is the older brother and has the birthright, but he didn't consider the birthright more precious then stew. So, when he was hungry, he exchanged his birthright for the stew Jacob was cooking. But Jacob, even though he was hungry too, knew how precious and valuable the birthright is, so he chose this birthright over the stew. Because of that, the history of God is now inherited by Jacob, not Esau. We say God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not God of Esau. The history of God was inherited by the descendants of Jacob. but the descendants of Esau disappeared in the history. because of this active desire for the birthright of Jacob, Esau's birthright was taken by Jacob. This is what it means of this verse. The history of God, kingdom of God is inherited by those who have this zeal and desire for his Kingdom. We see that the life of the disciples of Jesus, that they lived life beyond the normal standards. They had burning hearts for God's kingdom, and they spread it beyond any persecution and hardship. nothing could stop them, because they have this urgent heart for the kingdom of God over the earthly things. In today's, message, it says that Gods kingdom has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of
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