Religion And Its Impact On Religion

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Religion is one of the most important components of culture which has been used in understanding the universe, natural phenomena, what to die for and how to dwell among other people. Religion can be considered as culture by itself because it provides the set of values, beliefs and guidelines for specific behavior (Samovar, Porter, McDaniel & Roy, 2013, p.40). Religion helps to control the social behavior, maintains conflict, supports emotions and gives explanations to unexplainable.
Some African say, "There is n distinction between religion and the rest of the lie. All of life is religious (Samovar, Porter, McDaniel & Roy, 2013, p.123).The major characteristic of a religion is that it provides a belief in the existence of a reality greater than humans. There is a universal spirit, god or deity that is scared and looked for guidance and salvation in most religions. (Samovar, Porter, McDaniel & Roy, 2013, p.124).Religion provides a cosmology or set of principles or beliefs abut the nature of life and death, the creation of the universe, the origin of society and groups within the society , the relationship of individuals and groups to one another and the relation of humankind to nature.
1. List the major tenets of each religion (Islam, Judaism and Christianity)
It is one of the world 's major religions which were founded in Arabia by Muhammad between 610 and 632. Islam means "surrender to the will of Allah," the all-powerful, who determines humanity 's fate. Good

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