Religion and the Workplace

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Statement of the Problem
Religion is becoming an important issue when it comes to diversity in organizations. Employers are either accommodating the increase in this diversity by creating groups within the organization or they realize it is there and are not troubled by it, but are not creating these resource groups. As the diversity of religion grows complaints to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission grow as well. What is behind the complaints and what is the EEOC doing to help religion?
Background of the Study Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints about religious discrimination are rising faster than any other discrimination claim. Human Resources believe that this religious conflict is not a workplace issue, but an employee issue. “The most obvious opponents of the faith-at-work movement are agnostics, people who question the existence of a higher being, and atheists, who do not believe in any God.” (Canas & Sondak, 2014, p. 205) Bobbie Kirkhart (President of the Atheist International Alliance) states religious diversity should not be the same as race, gender, and ethnic diversity. She believes that religious groups should not be given the same status as those listed. Not just atheists and those who question the existence of a higher being disagree with religion in the workplace, but the cause of the rise of discrimination claims could be of religious bias from the traditional American faiths. (Day, 2005)
While most of the religious organizations

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