Religious Discrimination In The Holocaust Essay

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In the 1090s, the beginnings of religious discrimination began and it was spreading around the world. It doubled between the years 1999 and 2010 and resulted in the the time period of the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, the Germans believed that the only way to get rid of the other races was by putting mostly jews and other racial groups into concentration camps where they struggled to stay alive.
Religious beliefs should not define someone's rights nor dignity, Millions of people criticize each other but do not comprehend that everyone should be treated equally. The Germans would not supply the Jews with any nutrients, “[They] received no food. [They] lived on snow; it took the place of bread”(Wiesel k100). The conditions these people had to live with became even more and more brutal by the day.The Germans had believed that they were the superior race and the rest should be eliminated completely. When Elie had found out that his father was suffering from dysentery, he tried to take him to the infirmary but the surgeon ignored his request. The surgeon claimed it was not his business and demanded them to “ Make room for the others!’ “(Wiesel 108). The doctors refused to heal them and asked for them to leave so they would not take up any place. Some Jews were taken in, but would deny most of them and would then result in them dying.
To add on,Religious discrimination should not be used against any religion due to their different beliefs because everyone has opinions. The
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