Religious Influence On Public Decision-Making

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Religion can weigh heavily on the decision making of Adolescent children. Many people around the world have been introduced to religion at a young age, which has seemed to impact their growth. Religion can play a role in children’s decisions and this is why some parents introduce religion to their kids. Religion can have positive or negative effects on children, however, the positives outweigh the negatives. Many parents would argue that religion would help children make better decisions, while other parents are hesitant to introduce religion to their child. Introducing religion to children could possibly introduce them to new ideas and opportunities they would not have even thought of. Religion can teach children many important life skills that can help them in their future. Also religion allows children to build morals and values. As stated by Mark Joseph Stern in “Is Religion good for Children?”,“Several studies do seem to corroborate the conventional wisdom that kids raised with religion—any religion—are psychologically …show more content…

With this information and insight it shows some of the negatives many parents think about when deciding to introduce their child to religion.
This can be seen on the graph of the decline of religious identity.
As shown on the graph religion is on the decline at a steady pace in America. Many people in America alone have stopped being religious or do not identify as any religion. This has led to Americans trying to reduce federal aid toward these religious groups, believing they are just a waste of money. As seen in the article “Faith Based Initiatives” by Sarah Glazer “A recent poll illustrates the tension between supporting religious groups and crossing the line to government-supported

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