Should Children Be Indoctrinated into Religion? Essay

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One of the most discussed topics in the modern world is children indoctrination into religion. Children aren't developed enough to decide in what to believe or disbelieve. Everyone is born without believing in a religion until it is either forced on them or they are developed enough to decide if one of the religions ''works'' for them or not. Mostly, parents are the most influential part in a child life. They decide what a proper education is to their successor and they impose their ideas to their child.
The world is diverse and people are grown in different cultures practicing various traditions. So, it might be easy for every one of us to judge someone else in a foreign opinion. But we must consider the fact that our opinions are wrong …show more content…

Developmental psychologists have provided evidence that children are naturally tuned to believe from figures of authority.A child’s brain is set-up to believe what is told by elders, even if what is told is nonsense. Children usually acquire the religious views of their parents.
But also, children are tended to believe in gods in one way or another. Justin Barret gives some examples why children trust that a divine or powerful being is upon them:
• Children tend to see natural objects as designed or purposeful in ways that go beyond what their parents teach, as Deborah Kelemen has demonstrated. Rivers exist so that we can go fishing on them, and birds are here to look pretty.
• Children know humans are not behind the order so the idea of a creating god (or gods) makes sense to them. Children just need adults to specify which one.
• Experimental evidence, including cross-cultural studies, suggests that three-year-olds attribute super, god-like qualities to lots of different beings. Super-power, super-knowledge and super-perception seem to be default assumptions.
• Children doubt that impersonal processes can create order or purpose. Studies with children show that they expect that someone not something is behind natural order.
Rites of Passage
Religions survival is based on children. If rites of passage would never exist, than nowadays we would believe anything else except god. But the truth is different. Every impactful religion uses its own

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