Religious Intolerance And Scientology

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Religious intolerance and Scientology
The world can be a dangerous place. It can be even more dangerous if someone proves to be different, or are seen as unusual in any way. Scientology may be one of the strangest religions in the world. Because of this, Scientology has experienced intolerance since it was first founded in 1954. Religious intolerance is a social issue, and affects every level of the religious community, from the followers to the conductors of Scientology. Even though many view Scientology as a cult or fraudulent religion, as well as that that the religion is so small and the beliefs so strange it can simply be written off, and the intolerance ignored, Religious intolerance is a huge problem for scientology because Only one side of the argument is broadcasted, so scientology receives a lot of hate, simply because they believe differently than many other people. Scientology has responded to biased and intolerant media and their replies have been covered up, or scarcely brought up at all, and scientologists have been threatened with violence and even received hate mail and death threats Widespread intolerance has always been a problem for Scientology for many reasons and a serious issue which faces all religions of the world. However, the practice became popularized when monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Judaism became popular. Since Scientology is also considered a monotheistic religion, and describes a single creator, this belief is one of

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