Reminiscence of Birches

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Reminiscence of “Birches” Robert Frost’s “Birches” is a poem that makes incites towards the shortness of one’s life. In the poem, Frost reminisces on his childhood, and remembers it all too well. The poem is meant to help the reader to reflect on his/her own life and leave them wanting to treasure moments of the present more intensely. The poem encourages its readers to think about what great things lay ahead, while looking at the positive side of life. Although Frost knew the tree branches were bent because of the ice storms, he liked to look at things in a more analytical way. Throughout the poem, Frost imagines that a young boy would play on the birch trees and climb “Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more” (Line 56). Frost intends for his readers to look at things in a brighter perspective. It is obvious that the author has gotten old, and feels as if time went by too fast. Frost highlights the fact that the character longs to return to the time when he was a young boy, swinging on trees. Robert Frost uses “Birches” to express melancholy towards growing old and accepting death. The life of Robert Frost brought many disappointments and eventually accomplishments. Mr. Frost's life began on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California. During his childhood, he experienced the sadness and abuse of an alcoholic father. When he was only eleven years old, his father died at the young age of 34. As a young boy Frost played baseball, trapped animals and climbed

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