Renaissance Art And Art

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Art is an endless category, the more you look at it, the far it seems to get and yet you cannot keep your eyes off it. I believe that art expands during the Renaissance in Europe in 1350 to 1600. Creating changes and effects in literature, philosophy, politics, economic, social, religion, and art. The development that I choose that I felt that help contribute the manufacture of visual culture was Religion. Religion had a big impact in this era, if it wasn’t for religion we would of never experience new beliefs (the type of church), art, and control over society. Before the Renaissance era happens, the Catholic Church was the dominant religion in Europe, taking away people’s freedom to express themselves and religion. The Roman Catholic …show more content…

Which in the renaissance era most of the riches and high-class people did, in order to redeem themselves and their family. For example the Medici family, they were a powerful and enthusiastic patron to the Renaissance; contributing a big portion to the Renaissance art in chapels, villas, and palazzos’ in Europe. The Medici family was an Italian banker, political dynasty and royal house that gain power over Florence. The Medici families were patronage of arts; supported artists such as Brunelleschi, Donatello, Verrocchio, Da Vinci, Vasari, and Michelangelo. Raising concerns with the revolution of artwork in the Renaissance period. However, when comes to the change of religion, Martin Luther plays a big role in the period. His purpose was to challenge the authority of the pope and started the Protestant Reformation (after writing his 95 theses), by challenging the power of the church and certain authority of the individual consciousness. Causing a big explosion of different kinds of Christianity such as Lutheran, Baptist, United Methodist, Congregational, and Presbyterian. Leading a rebirth of religion, where people began to become more individualistic and free spirited to choose what they believe and thought was right, instead of been forced into one practice. Another example would be King Hendry; he was known for his divorce complication during his kingdom years. King Henry wanted to have a male heir to his thrown which his first wife “fails

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