Renewable Energy

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The Cost of Converting to Renewable Energy Sources Greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere are believed to be the direct causation of climate change. One of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions is the burning of fossil fuels to provide what could be considered basic human comforts such as transportation, and electricity. Although the technology is readily available for a conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energy, it is argued that converting would negatively impact the work force, and the consumers cost of living. Although these concerns are valid, they are of lesser importance when compared to the cost associated with deteriorating health, water quality, and food security of the consumer. Eradicating the use …show more content…

(ENERGY MARKET COSTS & CONCLUSION) Air pollution is a direct result of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which causes serious effects on our health, and therefore our ability to participate in society. The World Health Organization estimates that ninety percent of people in the world are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution. Pollution causes a variety of health problems: minor irritation to the eyes, nose, mouth and throat, headaches, dizziness, and more serious problems such as respiratory and lung diseases, cancer, heart disease, and stroke (Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health). Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology estimate that about 200 thousand early deaths in the United States can be linked to air pollution every year. A study done by Kruse et al. analyzed the loss of productivity associated with coronary heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and COPD, some of the most serious health problems linked to air pollution. Their findings implicated that people had an overall significantly higher chance of leaving the labor market as a result of the disease, clearly reflecting a loss in productivity (Kruse et al. 4). This loss of productivity accumulated a cost of over 2.14 million dollars “per 100,000 population in the age group 50-70” in one year (Kruse et al. 6). (NEEDS MORE & CONCLUSION) Increases in water temperature, intense precipitation and runoff, and intensified extreme weather events

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