Essay on Reparations For African Slavery

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America has gone through a terrible past. It has once decided to own people as property and deprive African Americans of their liberties and enslaved them. Since then, the United States has attempted to repair this mistake through reparations. The legal reparations of the United States have unsuccessfully redressed individual and social injustices by failing to alleviate the pain caused to the African American community. The Harm caused by Slavery still continues to be suffered by the community through this day. African Americans have always been devalued in the American Legal System. Even since the days of colonial Europe, it was custom, not law that African Americans were inferior to their Anglophone whites. They have always held that …show more content…

Culturally believed to be inferior that slavery had ingrained in American culture, African American’s were segregated and prejudiced against. Reparations to African Americans must do more then merely give out money as an apology for past wrongs committed. It has to be Cultural Revolution. It must seek to eliminate any beliefs of the inferiority African Americans. The legal system used to obtain reparations has been difficult to utilize. Time and time again, cases have been dismissed based on procedural grounds. Seekers of relief have been unable to achieve standing and the statue of limitations that even allow them to argue their cases before the courts in order to obtain reparations. Standing for example requires the defendant to prove that he has been harmed by the actions of the defendant. One method to achieve standing was to argue that genetic or heredity relatedness was meaningful to the class that has been harmed. However the courts have held that it has not clarified how harm could be transmitted across genealogical lines. Therefore, for those affected by the pain of slavery, reparations had been difficult to obtain. It has been difficult for children of slaves to prove that they too have suffered pain and prejudice when they themselves have not been enslaved. However Marshall, a chief

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