U.s. Slavery Reparations

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Should African Americans Receive Reparations?

Racism and hate have played a major role in United States history. These words have been the fuel behind slavery, inhuman treatment, and genocides. The Kosovo, Native Americans, Japanese, and African Americans are some of the prominent races that have been affected by racism and hate. The U.S. have given reparations to the victims of Kosovo, Native American, and Japanese, but no reparation have been given to African Americans. For five hundred years, the U.S. forced African Americans into slavery. As an African American woman in 2013, the question “ What ever happen to reparations for African Americans?” lingers in my mind. Don’t we deserve reparation just as the Native
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General William Tecumseh Sherman issued a field order giving freed slaves 40 acres (“When did Slavery Really”). He later added the loan of army mules (“ When did Slavery Really”). Congress never approved the plan, so it died. But the atrocities of the 20th century gave the idea of reparations new force. Germany has paid billions to Israel and individual concentration camp survivors and their families -- the most recent payments strongly encouraged The U.S. preaches fairness and equality. But how as an African American woman can I believe this. When the U.S. is responsible for decades of slavery and discrimination on African Americans. With that still no reparations have been paid. But the Japanese get reparations after just four year of discrimination and mistreatment. African Americans deserver reparation just as the Japanese deserved it, may even more. I say this because slavery lasted for generations and after slavery came discrimination. Also today the discrimination still takes place in some areas of the U.S. Slavery was the begin of oppression for African Americans, which today we are still try to get from under.

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