Repatriation For Refugees From The United States

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The options for resettlement for refugees are to return to their home country when there’s peace, if their country remains unstable or dangerous due to persecution and unable to return they are able to stay in a refugee settlement in another country. Unfortunately, most host countries are unable to accept refugees permanently. The United States generally only offer to refugees if their fleeing from persecution and war. The U.S. government maintains a long-established humanitarian program that grants a limited number of refugees who are unable to return home or stay in a host country. Very little of the refugees who have the opportunity of resettlement, there are three internationally accepted solutions for refugees: • Voluntary repatriation - Refugees return to their country of nationality when conditions have changed that allows them to return safety. • Local integration - Local settlement and integration of refugees in their country of first asylum upon receiving agreement from the host country. • Resettlement - Most frequently used for refugees whose life, safety, health or human rights are at risk in their country where they have required refuge. When refugees come to the United State they must rebuild their lives from disturbing and heartbreaking conditions. Majority of the refugees newly adopted homeland with great energy and success, they go on to work, attend universities, build professions, purchase homes, raise children and contribute to their communities.

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