The Conflict Of The United States

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It is human nature to pursue living in a place with happiness and peace. If people suffer a lot in an region, they must begin to find another place in order to survive. Many people around the world suffer a lot, such as hunger and violence, especially in some Asian countries. These situations can be caused by a war for many years, terrorists or natural disaster. Today, because of the war in Syria, millions of refugees are trying to move to other countries, including the United States. Therefore, it is necessary for US to take in refugees because it is our responsibility and morality to care about victims and refugees. There are a lot of reason reason can cause people to flee their homelands and become refugees. For example, if people meet hostility, insecurity and discrimination in their nations, they might migrate to other place for better lives. From 1881 to 1894, under Tsar Alexander III’s control, “official persecution encouraged pogroms, or violent mob attacks on Jewish people. Gangs beat and killed Jewish people and looted and burned their homes and stores” (Ellis, & Esler). Wherefore, large numbers of Jewish refugees left Russia due to the savage persecution. Besides persecution, a war also can lead to thousands of refugees flee a country, especially a war last for many years. Nowadays, many conflict existed around the world, such as the Middle East where many refugees left their regions, particularly “in Iraq and Syria, where ISIS’s advance and the Syrian civil

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