Report Of The Key Points From The Article ' Food Demand

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Summary of the Key Points from the Article
Food demand has been grown which creates a challenge to food availability and access. Food production must expand to balance supply with growing demand, and food has to move efficiently from production to consumption site. Importantly, demand for locally-grown food in the United States has also increased sharply which makes the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) implement regional and local food systems for working with farmers, wholesalers, shippers, processors, and retailers. To assess the implications of significantly increasing the role of locally produced foods in satisfying existing consumer demand, the article, optimal wholesale facilities location within the fruit and vegetables supply chain with bimodal transportation options: an LP-MIP heuristic approach, designs an optimal logistic location network that eases access through efficient connections between production and consumption sites while satisfying overall demand in the network.
The article generated mathematic program based on Etemadia et al. (2003), and the objective function is modified to include the variable of shipping commodities to satisfy demand. The indices and variables used in the model were presented in the table 1 of the article. The objective function of the model which minimizes the costs is shown below. The constraints of the model in this article can be divided into four groups; supply constraints, demand constraints, hub balance constraints, and…
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