Report On The Happenings Provided By Professor Slater 's Presentation

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Based on review of the happenings provided by Professor Slater’s presentation, the largest data breach in US was caused by Snowden when he was a contractor. He acquired classified information in terms of the NSA surveillance programs which he later on used to publish on the major newspapers for awareness to media. Shortly after he was found that he disclosed information, he seeked refuge in Russia. But apparently upon reading of different articles, it looks like there are

2. What he did? How he did it?
There were several multiple methods that he was able to use including social engineering as well as finding the weakness in certain control areas. There was several communications with newspaper reporters from different methods such as …show more content…

If the information was to be in any relation to terrorism, any US citizen would understand the severity especially after the 9/11 event. But without any relation to any terrorism, it basically means that the US government is spying. This is a controversial topic that brought confusion.
To those supporters of NSA, there has been much controversy since the fact that exposing what they believe in is being revealed, but the degree of privacy exposed from innocent people is quite radical considering, there are even resumes and transcripts from children. Not to mention the fact that perhaps if you have any children and had pictures of their cuteness taken in the bathtub, these photos can be leaked to anyone is quite horrific. Although he used breaches to disclose information in regards to allowing the public to know the state of NSA, the information he has passed on to the public is quite informative.

5. How will this affect the NSA and U.S. National Security?
Because of the severity and detail of the data breach in terms of surveillance programs, is it a fact to say that other countries will know how the US National Security controls are run. The NSA & US National Security are left to redefine, redetermine, restructure and reimplement every security program that they have since the secret is no longer a secret. Not only will they focus on re- establishing their controls externally but

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