Report to Compare and Contrast the Hardware Specification of Two Laptops/Desktops or Servers.

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Report to compare and contrast the hardware specification of two Laptops/Desktops or Servers. Executive Summary For the purpose of this report, I will be comparing two different computers and comparing the various aspects of hardware specifications of the two separate platforms in detail, including performance in terms of processor, memory and storage. The first computer I have chosen for this report is a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, which is a powerful laptop, also known as a notebook. This computer is made by a company called Apple, which is possibly the most desirable brand in the computer hardware market today. The second computer I have chosen, for which to compare against the MacBook Pro, is the 27-inch iMac…show more content…
Which computer is generally superior in terms of speed, performance and cost? To answer this, we need to closely analyse the details of the hardware specifications of each computer, and then compare them to see which is favourable in each aspect, and analyse the results to see which is has the favourable performance overall. The main aspects of the hardware specifications we will be looking at will be computer processor, the computer memory, and the computer storage. These are three of the main components of a computer which determines its overall performance. MAIN REPORT Computer Processor The processor, also known as the Central Processing Unit (or CPU for short) is the main hardware devise within a computer that is the main control devise for the computer system. It is essentially the brains of a computer, and manages and executes all of the instructions from the software within a computer and performs data manipulation and arithmetic calculations. Through channels known as buses, the processor is connected to all of the components within a computer including the storage, memory and input/output devices. The processor is most often a single microchip and the speed of the processor is normally measured in GHz. Although not all processors are designed in exactly the same way, the three main components of a typical processor will include an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) which

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