Reports of God's Death Are a Bit Premature

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The Reports of God's Death Are a Bit Premature Arguing the death of God is a debate that will last until eternity. Regardless of exploration or religious zeal there are far too many human viewpoints leaning towards the idea of and the strong need for faith. Believing in God for some is as natural as walking upright and it would seem that through such unquestionable faith God would somehow still be alive. But perhaps He is only surviving with the help of life support. For example, it would be difficult to tell a passionate Fundamentalist Christian that God was not alive in his or her heart. Therefore, Nietzche's claim of God's demise would fall on deaf ears, for he or she would, in a sense, be keeping God alive with…show more content…
And if doubt alone didn't kill Him, combine it with a feeling of failure and a broken heart and it's no wonder that he has passed on. The question now is: what do we do about it? Because of this death of God the Idea, we must enter into a period of nihilism where we will believe in nothing and doubt everything. "Nihilism represents the ultimate logical conclusion of our great values and ideals -- because we must experience nihilism before we can find out what value these 'values' really had. -- We require, at some time, new values" (Kaufman 131). Since we are humans and by nature we need to have some form of religion in our lives, we will then begin to create a new religion, a religion of our own. This "new Religion" will be based upon our own interpretations about our meaning and our existence. We will draw our own conclusions and not rely on religion to simply do it for us. By virtue of having killed God, we will become our own gods! (Kaufman 126). The implications this sudden death holds for us are vast. But what is at the forefront is the idea of rebuilding and starting over. It is not easy to start anything from scratch, and reinventing a new religion for the human race is much more complicated than apple pie. We must begin to have faith in ourselves as individuals, we must look inward and toward the earth. We cannot look solely to science for answers, for there

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