Representation Of Male And Females

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There are typical representations for both males and females. Usually the well known representation of a male is to be strong, manly and brave. The typical representation of a female is to be loving, innocent and a mother. This is what each gender 's representation usually was back then. Nowadays, the representation of each males and females has changed. More and more males are taking on the “jobs of women” as in being the one to take care of and spend the most time with the kids. This happens because more and more women are becoming very independent and making careers for themselves. The percentage amount of women that go to college now are bigger than ever. Because more and more of them are going to college and earning degrees to get a …show more content…

People are focusing on the movement and they are getting their point across. They try to promote women are strong and are independent just like men are. They keep fighting to earn the same amount of money for the same job that a man works. Some states have their male employees earn just a little bit more money than the female employee of the state. a majority of women do not like the idea and are wanting to fight back so they can get all the money that they earned just like any man of the state should earn. The youth girls of America are the people who the feminists are trying to target and tell them they can do whatever they want if they work hard for it. This audience of people they try targeting because they know they are obviously the future of America and when they grow up to keep fighting for feminism, they will be stronger because they got a good taste of it their whole lives growing up. Boys are told to be strong, manly, independent and to provide for women and children. Girls are told to be loving for their children and to be depended of a man. This was the norm until recently feminism has taken over for girls to grow up and be what they want to be. The gender representation of women has changed to, if they wanted, strong and independent for themselves so they do not have to depend on a man for a good living. In one of Mr. Clean’s advertisements, they show a mother and a daughter with the sponge product they

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