Representing Whiteness In The Black Imagination By Bell Hooks Summary

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Whiteness and racism comes from the oppression, colonization and systems of dominance over black people and their feelings. In this case, an intersectional feminist analysis matters because women who are able bodied, cis-gendered, privileged and white are only being considered whereas bell hooks argue that men, women and trans people who oppressed should be fought for. And Peggy McIntosh adds onto this but a white woman who addresses and recognizes her privilege to help other white individuals understand what they have and blacks do not. In bell hooks, “Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination,” she mentions these words frequently: Other, ghosts and fear. hooks explains the Other as the way white people perceive black people, in…show more content…
The terror comes from how white supremacists tried altering the black gaze by making them not feel as they were not important enough. The way racist white people want to assert the black gaze is making them to get rid of all the slavery they had to go through and have the dominance over black people and their feelings. Whereas for black people they had to mask their feelings of torture for white people to not experience the discomfort they do. The only thing they seemed good for were being servants a seen in this quote, “Blacks I realized, were simply invisible to most white people, except as a pair of hands offering a drink on a silver tray” (quoted in hooks 340). The dominance of the black gaze caused black people to want to be invisible to white people because that made them feel safe in a way. Growing up even I was confused with the definition of feminism, the one I was familiar with was the mainstream feminist. The mainstream feminist only deals with people like her who is promptly white, who are cis-gendered, in the middle class and are able bodied. The opposite of a mainstream feminist would be a intersectional feminist. bell hooks explains in, “Feminism: A Movement to End Sexist Oppression,” how feminism should be expanded to men, women and trans people because the things they experience on a daily are different from white people. Oppressed women do not like to be involved with feminism and see how the

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