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NATIONAL CENTER FOR CASE STUDY TEACHING IN SCIENCE An Unusual Case of Animal Reproduction by Joann B. Powell Department of Biological Sciences Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA Elethia W. Tillman Department of Biology Spelman College, Atlanta, GA Part I – Andrea Smith’s Dilemma Andrea Smith was taking notes for her biology exam. Her professor has told her that the exam would cover, in part, the differences between sexual and asexual reproduction. As she reviewed her notes and prepared for today’s class, she was thinking about her own reproductive dilemma. If only asexual reproduction were the case for humans, maybe she wouldn’t be in this mess. Or at least there wouldn’t be questions about who was the father of her twins. “Dwelling …show more content…

In some ways she was dreading it; but she was determined to prove what she believed she had known all along: That Xavier was the father of her twins. Questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What is the difference between asexual and sexual reproduction? List and define some types of asexual reproduction. Give one example of each. What is the difference between parthenogenesis and hermaphroditism? What is the difference between internal and external fertilization? What is the function of pheromones? “An Unusual Case of Animal Reproduction” by Powell and Tillman Page 2 NATIONAL CENTER FOR CASE STUDY TEACHING IN SCIENCE Part II – The Pregnancy “I can’t believe it has come to this! Airing our dirty laundry on national television. I never thought Xavier would let things get so out of hand.” It was late and Andrea was so upset she couldn’t sleep. She tried studying for the upcoming exam, but she couldn’t concentrate. She decided to get an early start on packing. She was so angry with Xavier. How could he have left her pregnant and alone, she thought, as she neatly added her new dress to the bag? How could he think that their babies might belong to someone else? She grabbed her journal, about to add it to the bag, but instead sat in her cozy corner chair and began to read: January 12, 2007 I’m pregnant with twins! Sometimes it’s still hard to believe because it was so unexpected. I feel like I am about to pop! I know

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