Sex Advice For All Creation By Olivia Judson

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Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation, written by Olivia Judson, mimics a Dear Abby column in a newspaper, in which her audience, ranges from a honeybee to spotted hyena, write-in and ask for help with their sex lives. She covers a slew of different sex topics, some more pleasant than others, such as incest, cannibalism, promiscuousness, and asexual reproduction. The book is truly a witty yet entertaining excursion of the natural history and the evolutionary biology of sex. Judson’s objective is to teach her audience about biology, specifically sexual biology.
Judson, an evolutionary biologist, portrayed as Dr. Tatiana, a sex columnist, cleverly conveys mind-boggling facts about an array of creatures within the animal kingdom using a satirical approach. “I am a queen bee, and I’m worried. All my lovers leave their genitals inside me then drop dead. Is this normal?” writes a concerned honeybee in regards to the sexual practices of her mate’s. Dr. Tatiana goes on to show understanding for the honeybees concern and explains just why her mates do what they do. As a reader, one gains intriguing information on the sexual idiosyncrasy of honeybees. The author achieves her overall goal of informing the reader of sexual biology by addressing the issue on a personal level, making a claim. Then following up with facts that support the claim.
Although the book is primarily about species other than humans, it coveys and undertone that can be associated to humans. Chapter seven titled
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