Republic Texas and Sam Houston

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Republic Texas Houston had inherited 1.25 million in debt with no way to raise money. Land was given away and creditors did not purchase the offered bonds due to financial panic. Britain and France did not want to interfere for fear of antagonizing Mexico. Lomar attacked the Cherokee causing war with them. He took their women and children and issued them as slaves. They lived in a three-tiered society with a ranch owner at the top raising cattle and selling produce to Louisiana and Mexico. They saw it as a way of life because they were isolated and far from civilization. Small landowners owned rancheros, small homes and herds. A sizeable portion of Germans immigrated to Texas in the 1840s and 1850s. They built cities such as New Braunfels, Greure, and Fredericksburg. They kept their language and culture for decades. Their impact on culture was widespread, especially in San Antonio, including beer, music, and food. Because Texas owned the public lands of New Mexico, the compromise of 1850 was to deal with Texas's claim on New Mexico. It negotiated new boundaries, the ones it has today, in exchange for a $10 million government bond for Texas to pay off its debts. Sam Houston Sam Houston was elected to his first term in 1836. In his inaugural address, he emphasized unity, calling for vigilance with Mexico and fairness to Indians. He was pro union and pushed for annexation. Houston rebuilt the army by replacing ones who were hotheaded and wanted the Indians dead.
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