Requirements To Build And Effective Technology Support Team

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Building an Effective Technology Support Team Introduction Creating and managing an effective technology support team needs to be predicated on more than just the traditional four areas of planning, organizing, leading and controlling and include the critical skill sets of transformational leadership skills. Those four components of management theory don't take into account the broader aspects of transformational leadership's contributions of a compelling vision and galvanizing mission, both of which are critical for any technology support team to excel. The intent of this analysis is to illustrate the best approaches to building an effective technology support team. Included in this analysis are recommendations for managing personalities and how they affect relationships within and beyond the technical staff. Creating and Effective Technology Support Team Teams are by definition a group of people all working towards a common goal. Increasingly teams are both in-person and virtual, as evidenced by the use of cloud computing-based technologies to unify diverse workgroups and teams across broad geographic distances (Braun, Michel, Martz, 2012). The foundation of any effective technology support team is the ability to stay focused on a common goal, charter or mission, which is the purpose for working together (Kezsbom, 1993). The highest performing teams have a shared sense of interdependency and also a recognition that unity is necessary for the success of the
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