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Team Characteristics Paper
Joli Gracon
April 14, 2017
Grace Bible College

Team Characteristics Paper
Throughout our lives we participate in any number of team activities. We may not even realize we are part of a team, but we are! If one is married, they are half of a team; if one relies on God to help them get things done, they are a part of a team; if one work outside of the home, they are a part of a team of employees working for a “boss.” Teams are not just organizational functions, they are a part of everyone’s lives. This paper is discussing the organized team, assembled to reach a common goal. What is a balanced team? What are the characteristics of a team?
Characteristics of a Team According to the study guide
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In this team, there would be a better match between folks’ needs – in terms of what they spend their days doing – and what needs to be done for others” (pg. 1). In other words, a balanced team simply means that each team member should be uniquely skilled in the areas that would be needed in order to bring about success in completing their project. Ideally, the team members should come from all walks of life and have varying experiences and skills. Team members should have different strengths and weaknesses in order to bring balance to the team as a…show more content…
Having a balanced team means that all of the members should be qualified and have the necessary skills to complete the project. The team members should also have a variety of different experiences and skills to bring to the table. Another important element of a good team is a leader. All productive, well-balanced teams need to have direction, and that typically comes in the form of a leader who will guide the team to reaching their goals. A team with all of these traits should have little problem in completing their project
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