Research Data Analysis on a Career in Law Enforcement

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Survey Instrument RESPONSES Item 1. What led to your interest in a career in law enforcement? Did family or friends try to dissuade you from pursuing a career in law enforcement? Total Responses = 9: Family influence = 4; Discouraged = 6; Inspired by others = 4; Enjoyed the work = 2 The overarching theme for this data was that family members were initially hesitant to endorse the prospective law enforcement officers' career choice, but most eventually expressed pride in their sons' or daughters' choices. Two-thirds of the prospective officers were actively discouraged from pursuing a career in law enforcement. A number of the respondents have been inspired in their youth to go into law enforcement. A few respondents had early experiences in ROTC or the Military Police that solidified their interest in law enforcement. Item 2. Have you ever regretted the decision to go into law enforcement? Have your on-the-job experiences and your collegial relationships caused you to think differently about that decision? Total Responses = 9: Regret = 1; No regret = 8; Negative experiences = 4; Benefits / interest = 5 Only one respondent regretted the decision to go into law enforcement. Half of the respondents expressed discouragement, noting backward thinking, "good ole boy networks," and negativity about making changes to the system. Half of the respondents reported experiencing mostly positive experiences and were proud of their growing reputations as capable
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