Personal Interview With Lapd Officer Essay

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Steacy Trinidad
Professor: Stephen Van Dyck
English 101
1 June 2015
Personal Interview with LAPD Officer Victor Mares Finding a career in which you feel personally rewarded by helping others and knowing that you are making a difference should be one’s main goal. Officer Mares, was able to achieve this goal when he joined the LAPD as a police undercover agent back in 1996 when he was only 21 ½ years old. Nineteen years later, he is going strong, satisfactorily performing his duties as an officer and serving the community of Los Angeles. He feels rewarded, with this career and loves his schedule, and he is happy when he goes to work. He focuses on knowing that he is making a difference one person at a time. He states, “ I may not change the world, but I am making a difference one individual at a time, which in turn makes a better community for our kids to grow in.” (Mares) Back in the days, around 1960 being a police officer or becoming part of a department that served and protected the public was highly regarded. However, that is no longer the case. Now the Police Department is an affiliation you almost do not want to be involved in.
Despite that fact, Officer Mares after going on a ride along with one of his good friends brother, felt in love with all the activities they conducted as police officers that day. He remembers that they stopped an individual, they were involved in a car chase pursuit, they gave out tickets, and in his words the adrenaline was way

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