Research Design And Methods Of An Abusive Relationship Essay

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Research Design and Methods
Research Design: This study will be conducted primarily through questionnaires and interviews that will be held with those who have been a partner in an abusive relationship. The proposed study will utilize a questionnaire as a means of collecting data from as many participants as possible, without a huge expense or drain on the limited resources for conducting this study. The questionnaire can be created using online software and disseminated through e-mail and a website, ensuring that even those who are currently living in an abusive situation could participate, albeit anonymously. For those who indicate that they are living in an abusive relationship the option for assistance could be offered through the questionnaire, including an item for them to put in their personal information and providing a contact number for a domestic violence hotline if they so wish to change their current situation. The questionnaire would allow for users to expand upon their responses if they so chose to do so, but the lure of using such survey software is that it will help with the analysis of the data, allowing a huge amount of data to be synthesized with relatively little effort. The online platform also makes it easy to share the link across social media services, university websites, and online message boards as well as through e-mail between counselors and their clients. In order for the study to be successful there needs to be a large amount of

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