Essay on Research In Clinical Practise

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Research In Clinical Practise

Introduction to Portfolio

The research articles to be critiqued relate to the author’s area of practice; community nursing and in particular; the cost-effectiveness of community leg ulcer clinics. The author currently manages a leg ulcer clinic and an insight into the research underpinning their cost-effectiveness would be of benefit in her quest to deliver evidence-based practice in line with the principles underpinning clinical governance.

Management of venous leg ulcers had advanced considerably over the last decade. This is due to various factors from greater knowledge of the aetiology of leg ulceration to more recent developments, such as dedicated leg
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Nursing has been striving to become a research based profession since the Briggs Report (1972) and the lack of apparent integration of research findings into nursing practice has been lamented consistently ever since (Walsh and Ford, 1989). As long ago as 1989 the Department of Health (DoH), in their Strategy for Nursing stated; ‘All clinical practice should be founded on up-to-date information and research findings.

Practitioners should be encouraged to identify the needs and opportunities for research presented by their work. Research is fundamental to achieving evidence-based practice in nursing. Evidence-based health care aims to promote clinical and cost-effective care/treatment through the explicit, conscientious, and judicious use of the currently available best evidence from research to guide decisions (Sackett et al, 1996).

Recently, there has been an increasing emphasis on evidence-based practice. The NHS information strategy, the development of the NHS net and the National Electronic Library for Health all testify to the NHS commitment of bringing research evidence closer to clinical decision makers (Thompson et al 2001). Journal based initiatives are also available such as Evidence Based Nursing (Cullum et al. 1997) and Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing (Newell 1997). Furthermore, guidance can be found in publications such as NICE (National Institute
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